Antonio Brown needs to chill

Brown is too great a talent to be acting out in this way.


Jahlea Douglas

Senior Damien Funnell is a staff writer and sports score manager for Elkhart Memorial GENESIS who specializes in sports writing.

Damien Funnell, Staff Writer & Sports Score Manager

Imagine being a 31 year old man and not being able to go to work and be professional. I mean let’s be honest now, this has gone way past the point of acceptable. Ever since Antonio Brown made that big scene to get out of Pittsburgh, he’s been nothing short of a drama queen. 

It’s like this guy is just begging for trouble. First off, he went to cryotherapy to help heal his feet. And you’d think “Okay, good. He’s looking out for his health.” Wrong! This guy decided to take his socks off when he was supposed to stay clothed in order to prevent injury. But instead, Brown’s feet are even worse because he got frost bite from the removal of his socks. He ended up missing the first couple weeks of training camp due to this injury which could have easily been avoided. But this is just strike one of the many things he’s done wrong recently. 

Secondly, we have the helmet epidemic, where Brown insisted on wearing his own helmet even after the team’s general manager (GM) shot down his idea. He decided to throw a tantrum and fly away on his own little vacation. The GM  fined Brown $40,000 for his unexcused absence. 

The drama doesn’t stop there. Brown returned to practices after blowing-off steam from the helmet problem just to neglect the entire team. Reportedly, he skipped team warm-ups and mandatory team walkthroughs. 

Then as of Sept. 7, the Raiders decided to release Brown from the team leaving the media in disbelief. Sources say that he’s done for this season and might not even play, but no less than an hour later, he got another chance. 

Brown signed a one-year, 15 million dollar contract with 9 million guaranteed with none other than the reigning Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots. He now has arguably the best quarterback to ever play the game alongside one of the best coaches calling plays for him. 

The way I see things, Brown has this one last shot. I know for a fact that Bill Belicheck has no patience for the issues that Brown could potentially be bringing to the Patriots. But who knows, maybe he’ll find a way to humble this man-child. I know one thing for sure, Brown is too great a talent to be acting out in this way and I hope to see him succeed and do great things. But do it in the right way.

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