Musician of the week: Gavin Mullet

Senior Gavin Mullet strums his bass guitar while performing at a concert on Saturday, April 13.

Photo Courtesy of Gavin Mullet

Senior Gavin Mullet strums his bass guitar while performing at a concert on Saturday, April 13.

Caleb Webb, Sports Editor

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Senior Gavin Mullet is active in our school music groups, but he also plays the electric bass in the punk band i.feel.less. Read below to learn about how it all began.

GENESIS: What inspired you to become a musician? Why did you end up on the bass?

GAVIN MULLET: “Well, I started playing the cello in 6th grade and that was my first instrument. Then in 7th grade I asked my parents to play the electric bass and I’ve just stuck with it ever since.”

G: Is your family supportive of what you have done this far in your musical career? 

GM: “Absolutely. From buying me my first bass to then coming to all my concerts, they’ve been supporting me 100% of the way and I can’t thank them enough for it.”

G: Do either of your parents play an instrument? If so, did this play a role in you becoming a musician?

GM: “Neither of my parents play instruments, but I do have other family members who do play.”

Photo Courtesy of Gavin Mullet
Seniors Gavin Mullet (outside right) and Jenaro Delprete (inside right) along with fellow band members and Mishawaka Seniors Dalton Frantz (outside left) and Xavier Hartley (inside left) take a picture for their promo shoot on Saturday April 13. This was the photo the band used to promote upcoming shows and performances.

G: Do you play for a band(s)? If so how long?

GM: “I’ve been in other bands before, but I’m currently only in one active band outside of school called “i.feel.less”.”

G: Do you have a goal you wish to achieve in the future in your musical career?

GM: “I really don’t have any other goals than just to stick with it and keep doing it for as long as I’m physically able too.”

G: Do you play for the school at all? What classes?

GM: “I play electric bass in the Jazz Band and double bass in the Orchestra and other small groups.”

G: Do you find that music is a way for you to “escape” from the real world?

GM: “I’ve found that it’s not really my ‘escape’ so much, but it helps me rather to understand myself and my emotions better.”