2018-2019 Staff

Tyler Lehner


Hello, I’m Tyler, Co- Editor-in-chief and Sports Editor for the GENESIS Publication.  This is my third year on staff, my second year as the sports editor, and my first year as Editor-in-chief.  Ask any mirror on the wall, and...

Jahlea Douglas


Hello!  My name is Jahlea Douglas and I am one of two EIC's for GENESIS.  I am also the feature and design editor and have been a part of the staff for three years.  When I’m not stressing, procrastinating, and figuring o...

Brian Ketchum

Entertainment Editor

Heyyo, my name is Brian Ketchum.  I am probably the funniest person you know and also the most beautiful, not to be conceited.  I am the Entertainment Editor as well as the most important piece to this amazing publication; I ...

Kailey Blazier

Opinion Editor

Hi! My name is Kailey Blazier and I am the Opinion Editor and Social Media Manager for GENESIS. I have been in GENESIS for three years, which means I started as a freshman!  I am in track and field along with our other student pu...

Felisha Campanello

News Editor

Hi, I’m Felisha :) I’m the news editor for GENESIS. I started as a staff writer at the beginning of my sophomore year. I love writing news stories, sports, and opinion. I love playing volleyball and hanging out family and frie...

Christian Ayers

Staff Writer

What is up, my name is Christian and I am a junior.  I am pretty involved in my school.  I run cross country and track, and I am also involved in Student Government.  I am a staff writer for the GENESIS Publication and I m...

Jenaro DelPrete

Staff Writer

My name is Jenaro DelPrete, staff writer for GENESIS.  I mostly write music reviews and opinion stories as those are what I converse about in my free time.  When I’m not at school, I spend my time playing with my band, hang...

Damien Funnell

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Damien Funnell and I am a staff writer for GENESIS.  I typically write sports stories because I have a love for the games of football and basketball.  Outside of writing stories about sports, I spend most of m...

Abigail Gratzol

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Abigail Gratzol.  My aliases include: Abby, Abnormal, Abbernoodle, and Abberdoodle if you’re my Nana.  People seem to like saying my last name really weird which is strange since it doesn’t seem like that e...

Dana Ibarra

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Dana Ibarra, this is my first year on GENESIS staff and I’m a sophomore. I am a staff writer that has a passion for photography and design. I mainly write news and sports stories. Outside of GENESIS, I am in wea...

Lyn Jarrell

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Lyn Jarrell, a staff writer for GENESIS.  This is my first year as a staff writer. In my free time, I play softball, go to dance classes, and write poetry.  

Rayna Minix

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Rayna Minix.  I am currently a junior and a first year staff writer for GENESIS.  I also take on the role as Co-Editor-in-chief of the 2018-2019 Monolith.  I’ve always had a strong passion for writing an...

Hailey Mullet

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Hailey Mullet (:  I am currently in my first year as a staff writer for Memorial’s student publication, GENESIS.  My favorite sections to write for are news and entertainment.  Some things you’ll catch me doing ...

Kaitlin Presswood

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Kaitlin Presswood, (most people call me Kait) and I’m a first year staff writer with GENESIS!  I keep myself pretty busy being an editor for our other publication, MONOLITH, as well as being involved in SSAC, Stud...

Michael Schoon

Staff Writer

Hi my name is Michael Schoon and I’m a GENESIS Staff Writer. I joined GENESIS because I love to write about new things and I am currently working on getting my first book published. Besides being a writer, I also joined JROTC a...

Xavier Sullivan

Staff Writer

Hai, my name is Xavier Sullivan, and I am a first year staff writer for GENESIS. I am also the president of the Gay-Straight Alliance Club, which I have been a member of since its founding my freshman year.  I am also a musician in...

Caleb Webb

Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Caleb Webb, and this is my first year in GENESIS as a staff writer.  My favorite things to write about are big sports stories along with opinion stories.  When I’m not busy (being bossed around by the EIC’s, s...

Margaret Wiegand

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Margaret Wiegand. I am currently a junior and this is my second year as a staff writer on the GENESIS Staff. I enjoy writing stories in all aspects, but I’d have to say that interviewing has to be my favor...

Jiana Woods

Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Jiana Woods.  My role is a staff writer for GENESIS.  I’ve written feature, news, sports, reviews and I’m now dipping my toes into the pool of opinion.  I love Color Guard, TV, and Music.  In my free tim...

Sherri Greenfield-Ludwig


I’m Sherri Greenfield-Ludwig, the adviser for GENESIS.  I also advise our yearbook, Monolith, and teach Language Arts in our Early College program at Memorial.  I have been teaching since 2008.  When I am not providing gu...

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